Japan in 30 Seconds – a visual whirlwind through Japanese culture

ようこそ!Welcome to our blog! This is our first of hopefully hundreds of blog entries related to missions in Japan.

I think we will start by sharing a little bit about ourselves. We are an international couple from Germany and the U.S. and we are presently in the process of preparing to return to Japan in summer 2011 as long-term missionaries to the Tohoku region of Japan. Matthias is a graduate of Tokyo Christian University and has worked as a short-term missionary for two years in the Nagoya area. I (Danielle) have spent almost four years in Japan working with two different mission agencies in Sendai and Nagoya. Our passion for Japan is something that brought us together initially but our love for Jesus Christ is definitely the glue that binds us together. We presently live in Germany and hope to be sent to Japan through a German mission agency in the near future. We hope to work in Tohoku because we went there right after the disaster and worked with World Vision. It was one of the greatest highlights of our lives and we can hardly wait to go back.

We thought we would start this blog to encourage anyone who has a heart for Japan, particularly those who sense that God could be calling them to go to Japan. The need is as great as ever and we pray that God will send many to share the gospel in word and deed with the beautiful people of Japan.

Here are some of our possible blog posts in the future:

-interviews with missionaries
-recommended missionary blogs
-suggestions for mission groups/ churches to work with in Japan
-highlights of various mission agencies
-online resources for learning Japanese
-practical tips for learning Japanese
-articles about Japanese culture
-reviews of Japan-related books
-recommendations of news websites in Japan
-news from churches in Japan

We welcome comments of any kind and would love to hear from you. I should also mention that I have another blog that is more personal if you’d like to check it out: