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[Updated August 2013]
Here is a short list of my favorite Japan missionary blogs that I check regularly plus a short description of each blog. We know most of these missionaries, but not all of them. Blogs are a great way to see what life as a missionary in Japan is really like!

The Takamotos takameter.wordpress.com
The Takamotos are missionaries with Be One in Ishinomaki, Japan sent through Asian Access. They are truly gifted with reaching out to Japanese people and their blog is filled with wonderful stories that will make you cry. They have four beautiful adopted Japanese children who light up our little world here in Ishinomaki.

The Strakers
The Strakers, Jonathan, Michiko and their three kids, serve here in Ishinomaki, Japan and update their blog quite frequently.

The Cains
The Cains are another young couple who just moved to Japan as career missionaries with Mission to the World. Updated regularly.

Simon & Henrietta Cozens
The Cozens are missionaries in Higashi Omi City with WEC. Simon’s thought-provoking blog always gives us good food for thought. It’s more theological than personal and when I read this blog I always think, “Man, this guy is SMART!” We especially enjoyed his post entitled, “Why I Didn’t Read Your (Missionary Update) Newsletter.”

Keith & Celia
A young couple serving with OMF share their stories of life in Japan. Updated regularly!

Roger and Abi Lowther
The Lowthers are missionaries working at Grace City Church Tokyo through Mission to the World. They are professional musicians and are part of a fast-growing new church plant in downtown Tokyo.

The DeBoos in Tokyo
The DeBoos also serve at Grace City Church Tokyo and are sent by the Reformed Mission League of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

The Carters
The Carters are another young couple who moved to Japan as career missionaries with Mission to the World and share their stories about adjusting to life in Japan.

A few more (all are in Nagoya with my former mission, Mission to the World):
http://newsomesinjapan.blogspot.com/ (Nagoya)
http://robandtara.tumblr.com/  (Nagoya)
http://brettandtaylor.wordpress.com/ (Nagoya)
http://www.grace4japan.com/ (Nagoya)