My husband and I are very eager to be back in Tohoku. We are so excited to hear frequent news of more and more Christians committing themselves to serving in the disaster area short-term and long-term. We were amazed and astounded at the openness of the people of Tohoku. It is as though a spiritual iron curtain has been torn and light and hope can freely flood this region as never before. Idols of pride and self-sufficiency were shaken at the core of people’s hearts and God is at work! The Lord seems to be opening doors to allow us to return to the Sendai/ Ishinomaki area and we are hoping to work with a team of folks from the Evangelical Free Church (USA). We can hardly wait for the day when we can buy our plane tickets and go!

As we have mentioned, we spent time in the disaster area this past spring working with children from Minamisanriku. From Wikipedia: “Minamisanriku was largely destroyed by the March 11th tsunami with most buildings swept away by waves of 16 metres (52 feet) or more, and over half the town’s population missing and almost certainly dead.”  Please take a look at this video, one of the most dramatic and terrifying I have ever seen, of the tsunami hitting this town. When I have shown it to folks in Germany and in the US, people react with gasps, tears, and shock as you see the people screaming and fleeing for the lives.

We found an excellent update on Minamisanriku. Please take a look: