The Reaching Japanese for Christ Network (RJC) is “a place for you to create synergies with other Christian believers who share a love for and interest in Japanese people, particularly those who come to Canada and the United States on a temporary basis.”
The RJC also holds many conferences to connect those who have a heart for reaching the thousands of Japanese living in the U.S. and Canada. I highly recommend these regional conferences; although I haven’t been to one yet, I know that the speakers and fellowship are really wonderful.

There are many excellent resources available on their website: I found this helpful course online that might be good for those of you preparing to go to Japan (just click on the title):

RJC Academy – Preparing to Go
The material is based on a four-week study program called Preparing to Go. This course will be offered regularly as a class, but the following makes available to material for those who want to study the material independently. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Don Wright, director of RJC Academy.

The material will help prepare you to go to Japan and minister in a variety of ways. This is not meant to be a complete preparation kit, but rather to give basic information and tools to further prepare for specific ministries. Most of the material is downloadable, or linked to other websites.

Also, there are many terrific audio resources available on the website (click on the link). I particularly recommend that you listen to a talk by Bruce Young entitled, “The Gospel in a Shame-Based Society.