With the craziness of the holidays, there isn’t much time for blogging, but I hope to share several interviews with missionaries in the coming new year. I thought I’d share three websites that we check regularly for news on Japan (in English).

1) The Japan Times
2) The Daily Yomiuri
3) News on Japan
4) Asahi Shinbun (Asia & Japan Watch)

If your Japanese is more advanced, you can use a helpful tool to read Japanese news websites. Go to Hiragana Megane, plug in the address of any Japanese news website (such as the Asahi Shinbun at http://www.asahi.com), and it will provide you with furigana (tiny hiragana) to help you read every kanji character. It’s a great tool for those at a more advanced level of Japanese.

It’s good to check these websites from time to time to be up to date with the current news in Japan, particularly in the Tohoku region as they rebuild following the tragic events on 3/11.