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Sorry for the recent lack of updates. We have been in the U.S. for the past few weeks helping Danielle’s parents cope with the challenges of life while also visiting many friends and relatives. Once we are back in Germany we hope to have many more entries posted regularly.

There has obviously been a lot of doom and gloom around lately, whenever the subject came to Japan. Not since WWII has there been such a dark time like 2011. It will take many years for Tohoku to recover from the tsunami, and decades to deal with the aftermath of Fukushima. Everyday life in Japan can be surprisingly hopeful and bright, though. We experienced this about two months after the tsunami, when we visited Tohoku und Tokyo. The Japanese are often extremely resilient people. I just came across an article in the NY Times that describes some of the positive aspects of the economy and the general situation in Japan. It helped me to see that it is not all bad and the country is not necessarily heading off a cliff economically. So it is encouraging that there is some good news to be found. But the really good news that the Japanese need to discover is the fact that our lives are not ultimately dependent on economical factors, but on spiritual truths that can carry us through any tragedy. May this be the year that many Japanese find out that this is so. May they see that truth is actually found in a Person.