Our friends Tom and Teresa Wilson are missionaries in east Nagoya, bringing the gospel to the Japanese through a gospel choir ministry. The choirs are very popular and attract many believers, seekers and everyone in between. It has been so encouraging to receive their updates and see how many people are learning about God through the lyrics and through relationships with the choir members who are believers. The choirs also provide a wonderful opportunity for Japanese Christians to reach out to the other choir members who don’t know Jesus yet.

The Wilsons write in a newsletter, “We really hope and pray God will use [the choirs] to bring many people into the church and give a great platform to share the gospel with them as they sing songs that teach their hearts about our great Savior.  We certainly pray that the Christians who take part will be greatly encouraged, and we pray for many more people to come to know and love and worship our great God.” They were even featured on a local television program:

A performance of one of their choirs in April 2010:

Japanese seem to love any kind of “gospel” music and there seems to be a real explosion of interest in black gospel in particular.
Two great articles about Black Gospel Music in Japan with several interesting videos:
1) from August 2011 entitled, “Japanese Embrace Black Gospel Music.” http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/shows/cwn/2011/August/Gospel-Choirs-Convert-Japanese-Singers-to-Christianity/
2) from June 2010, entitled, “Black Gospel Music: A Movement of God in Japan” featuring the Hallelujah Gospel Family Choir

Teresa and guest singer John Lucas