Last night I re-discovered a great link to NHK World News Live. I first heard of this channel after the 3/11 disaster. For days I was glued to the computer and thankful I could get the news live from Japan all in English. However, I’d forgotten about the channel and was very happy to re-discover it last night. NHK World is really awesome and offers everything from news in Japan (and all of Asia) to short Japanese lessons.

For those of you wanting to learn how to cook Japanese dishes, I recommend the show “Your Japanese Kitchen” hosted by Harumi Kurihara. Web description: “Your Japanese Kitchen provides many easy and fun recipes as well as practical tips for preparing Japanese dishes.  Harumi Kurihara, or the “charisma housewife” as she is known in Japan, is our instructor. She shares her way of combining traditional Japanese cooking in today’s world.” This show seems to be on every Monday, several times throughout the day.

For a schedule of NHK World News television programs click here.