Today I would like to highlight the work of a fairly new church plant located in the heart of Tokyo. Grace City Church Tokyo is an international church reaching out to artists and young working professionals in Tokyo.  We have visited several times and are encouraged to see the thriving community that God is building there. The church is led by Rev. Makoto Fukuda and an international team of missionaries from Japan, the Netherlands, the U.S., the U.K., and other countries. Since the 3/11 disaster, the church has been actively involved in relief efforts, forming a group called “Grace City Relief.”

From the website: “Grace City Church Tokyo envisions to be a new community called to glorify God by loving and serving the city. It will focus on providing relevant answers from a gospel centered perspective to the many questions that young professionals struggle with on a daily basis. Issues like the meaning of work, stewardship of money or relationships. Together we will seek social justice and renewal of society…By his mercy, the church will offer a truly living and truly restful community literally in the middle of the buzz of an anxious city.”

The church is very intentional about reaching artists and heavily utilize music as a means for outreach. In an article that appeared in a Fall 2009 issue of Japan Harvest, church planter Geert de Boo shares that “we are international about reaching artists. Our vision is to impact the city as a whole and we acknowledge that artists are influential and indispensable in shaping the culture of city center Tokyo – the heart of Japan…[Music] has proven to resonate with the Japanese heart more than anything. Therefore, we use creative arts to communicate both the gospel and what our church community wants to be in the city.”

Here is an interview with Rev. Makoto Fukuda about Grace City Church Tokyo:

Be sure to check out the church’s website here as well as the websites of two of the church planters at Grace City Church, Roger Lowther and Geert and Elaine de Boo.

Also, check out this interview by Tim Keller entitled, “Why Tokyo?

If you are in Tokyo, be sure to drop by! Worship services are held every Sunday at 3pm on the 2nd floor of KDDI Hall near Otemachi station (as of May 2013).