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Our friend Joey Zorina had a post featured on The Gospel Coalition blog, entitled “Suicide and the Gospel in the Ruins of Japan”. It is shocking to read that “Suicide is now the leading cause of death among men aged 20-44 and women aged 15-34”.

While this has been a huge problem in Japan for many years, it has now worsened with the added despair that people in Tohoku often feel. No rebuilt house, no new car and no new job will be able provide true healing from the emotional scars that those people have. Only the beautiful Gospel of Jesus will be able to lead people out of this dark tunnel into the light. As Joey puts it: “As Japan rebuilds, there is a fundamental question that will arise in the hearts of people who have lost homes, family and friends: “What do I have to live for?” “

The first town we went to in May 2011, about six weeks after the Tsunami, was Kesennuma, in Miyagi Prefecture. A local resident, Masato Kotani, tells the story of how he found true hope in the midst of despair:

There are a few more videos like it on the Hope for Living website.