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Are you living in Japan? Here are a few websites you really should know about!

Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)
Awesome, very practical website! Everything from how to find deodorant in Japan to what to do if you’re in a car accident.

OMF Japanese language resource page
A fantastic link with everything from a bilingual list of cooking terms to books of the Bible and Bible vocabulary study aids. You can even complete various Japanese study courses through the mail.

Ai no Kesshin
A Christian group that offers counseling services to pregnant women as well as adoption placement services. I know of at least four families who have adopted Japanese children through Ai no Kesshin. If you know of a pregnant Japanese friend or a family interested in adoption, contact Ai no Kesshin. Please do spread the word about Ai no Kesshin (loving decisions).

Planning a trip on a train or shinkansen? Check the schedule online within seconds.

Gaijin Pot
Have a friend back home looking to come to Japan for work? Send them to this great website. Ohayosensei.com is also quite good. On a related note, if you know a college student open to coming to Japan after graduation, tell them about the JET program. It pays well and gives a great life experience!

Need a really nice hotel for your anniversary or other very special occasion? Find great deals on luxury hotels at the lowest prices. (It’s all in Japanese so you might need to ask a friend for help.)

Need to check prices on an appliance or electronic item? Find the cheapest prices here (also all in Japanese).