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We have been living in Ishinomaki for just over a week now. The two months before our arrival have been pretty crazy, which explains the lack of updates. Meeting people, helping out with different ministries and unpacking have kept us busy these last few days. It is starting to sink in that we will be in this area for quite a while. The housing situation is still pretty bad. But we know that we will eventually find the right place to live long-term. We can’t wait to really settle in here and share life with the amazing people of Tohoku.
Here are a few impressions of the area:

Temp housing Ishinomaki

Temporary housing, these go on for about a km along the road!

Yoku supermarket

A supermarket that just re-opened about a week before we came

Ricefields Ishinomaki

Ricefields in the east of Ishinomaki

SP tents

Samaritan’s Purse tents that have been used for events, storage and hosting volunteers


Gospel enka concert for the neighborhood