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Our first ten days here have been a real whirlwind as we’ve met so many new people and have been able to check out various ministries in different parts of the city.

Today I was deeply moved to see firsthand a jewelry-making ministry that seeks to bless the women of Ishinomaki. Please click here for the full, amazing blog post about the ministry which has been called, “Shards of Hope.” The author writes, “we cheered for each piece of broken pottery that, having been found in a place of pain, was transformed into a lovely piece of jewelry.”

I loved the idea of taking something that is broken and jagged and making something beautiful out of it – just like God!

Collecting the broken shards

Some of these shards have been smoothed and soldered

Beth works on making the jewelry

Beautiful bracelet
Like this ministry, we have seen so many ministries that require vision, lots of planning, flexibility and patience, and a lot of hands – ministries to the elderly, reaching out to those needing help with home repair, weeding and cleaning out fields, mudout of houses, sports camps, kids’ English classes, and the jewelry making classes for young moms. We look forward to writing more about the incredible workers behind these cool ministries. It is so exciting to see the Lord at work through His people and we feel so honored to be here to witness the unfolding of God’s plan for the people of Ishinomaki, Japan.