Our team leader wrote this on Facebook on Friday, “I have been amazed that over this past year and a half, with so many working in such dangerous settings after the tsunami, that there haven’t been more accidents along the way. God has so protected everyone. But yesterday, one of the ministries we partner with had one of their leaders get seriously hurt. God protected her life for which we rejoice!”

Indeed, this is the first serious injury that we have heard of since we arrived in Ishinomaki. Please do pray for this ministry partner! Here is a brief update from Dan Iverson, Mission to the World:

Akemi K. was cutting brush with a circular metal blade brush cutter tool in Minami-Sanriku, an hour north of Ishinomaki.  A bamboo splinter shot out from the blade and pierced her right eye.  She was rushed an hour to a hospital in Ishinomaki.  We praise the Lord that her brain was not pierced, which had been a concern. Her right eye was taken out last night in a difficult, sad, but successful surgery.  The right eye muscle was saved.  That leaves open the future possibility of being able to put in an artificial eye that can be moved by her eye muscles.  Praise the Lord for good doctors in the small city hospital of Ishinomaki.