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I recently stumbled across several short and interesting videos by the Lutheran Brethren. I will highlight two – one about missionary kids in Japan and another video featuring interviews with long-term missionaries who have been called to Japan. I really appreciated the honesty of the missionaries in the video: “The biggest thing we fight is discouragement…there are days when we feel like we should pack our bags and go home.” “Through the years we see God at work but not in the way we might have expected it.” “Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the big picture and we can become easily discouraged.”  To see more videos click here.

I have been thinking about the topic of “missionary kids” quite a bit since there are a good number of MK children growing up around us in Ishinomaki. I am often blown away to think of how tremendously their lives differ from most “normal” American kids. On one team alone here in there are twelve small children! I actually know the parents of the three young people featured in this video which makes it even more interesting to me. A few lines from the kids:  “When we fight, we fight in Japanese.” “I don’t feel American…and I don’t feel Japanese…it’s kind of a mixture.”