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Monday is a going to be a very big day for all of Japan. It marks the two-year anniversary of the triple disaster that stole so many lives and wreaked havoc on northeast Japan. All the volunteers are working extra hard with various events to bring hope and comfort to the people in our area. If you’d like to read a few stories of women who share their 3/11 experience click here.

For those of you interested, the Be One Network has set up a 24-hour worldwide prayer time for Tohoku. Sign up here:  http://tinyurl.com/3-11Tohoku24-HourPrayer

The other day I had a somber experience. A few of our teammates went to Onagawa to hunt for shards for the Nozomi Project. We stumbled upon a place which was obviously a former residential neighborhood. It felt very eery to see so many personal things strewn about: a rusted car, toys, a flat screen TV, the post box, the dog’s water dish, the ofuro (bathtub) and even lingerie. I stood there for a while trying to imagine a family living in that place which has now become a wasteland. We managed to find a load of shards for which we were thankful.

One of the shards we found

Friends around the world, please pray for Japan on Monday.