Our Christian community in Ishinomaki was absolutely thrilled to witness the baptism of a teenage girl named Ayumi last Friday. I was really surprised to see how many people showed up to the big event. I imagine that she didn’t even know many of those present, but I doubt she minded it too much. Everyone was filled to the brim with joy and excitement to witness this amazing event. There were many tears and prayers and lots of applause. Just posting the photos makes me tear up!

Climbing in…she was surprised how warm the water was!

Going under the water…

Baptized into the family of God!!! After she climbed out someone shouted, “Okay, who’s next?” There are many people in Ishinomaki who are very close to becoming Christians and we hope Ayumi is the first of many to trust in Jesus Christ.

Ayumi surrounded by dozens of brothers and sisters in Christ

Holding flowers

May God bless you, Ayumi, and bring many, many more people in Ishinomaki into the great big family of God!