One of the best parts of living in Ishinomaki is getting to work alongside so many mature, seasoned, veteran missionaries. Historically, missionaries have tended to be quite isolated from each other (which is probably part of the reason for why Japan remains unreached). However, there are dozens of missionaries serving here in Ishinomaki from all over the world. It’s a privilege to watch each one of them in action, loving and serving people day in and day out, using their God-given talents for the glory of God. I thought I’d write a short post about Sue Takamoto, founder of the Nozomi Project.

I first met Sue back in 2002 when I was living in Sendai.  I was so thrilled that God called her family to serve here in Ishinomaki so I could get to know her better. Sue is one the loveliest missionaries I’ve ever met. She has the great combination of being gentle, humble, and transparent but also very strong, determined, and has a great sense of humor. She is well-loved and respected by the women of the Nozomi project.

From her blog: “I feel that if the NP is effective at transforming beauty from brokenness on different levels it is not because I started this thing but because many people have worked so hard to keep it afloat.  They are the heroes in this story.  It is God’s thing and what is so beautiful about it is that He has brought together such a great team, and used broken and human vessels like myself.”
It is so awesome to see God’s love just oozing out from Sue to bring healing to so many hurting people. Not only is she a great missionary, but she is wife to Eric and a mother of four beautiful, adopted children. I feel blessed to have something to aspire to one day, to be able to say from the heart, “I hope one day I’m a missionary like Sue!” Check out her blog here or read an article here about Sue and her husband featuring the Takamotos as Fuller Seminary alumni.