In case you haven’t heard, being a missionary (although extraordinarily challenging and faith-stretching) can be a whole lot of fun. It’s especially enjoyable here in Ishonomaki among our wonderful Christian community!

What’s summer without ice cream? We hung out with our sweet college friend at Baskin Robbins (which is called “31” here in Japan).

Birthdays are an especially sweet time – literally!

We celebrated Sue’s 50th b-day with a big barbeque, tons of food, FOUR birthday cakes, fireworks, and lots of treats!

Fireworks for the kids

Squeezing into the Takamotos’ living room

Girls’ shot

A favorite get-away destination for the missionaries here is Shichigahama, about an hour away

Summer in Japan is full of barbeques galore!

I ran into my Peruvian friend at the supermarket and we were spontaneously invited to her house for a BBQ.

We attended a BBQ in Onagawa the other night which was a blast!

Our Christian friends from Grace Mission Tohoku & Calvary Chapel chatting with men from Onagawa
Singing karaoke with Oka-san
Listening to this teenage girl play a beautiful song on the shinobue (Japanese flute)

I got to play a summer concert at the nursing home where we have English time! I played a lot of oldies that Americans would know including “That’s Amore,” “In the Mood,” and “Love Me Tender.”
They even had karaoke for the elderly folks -what fun!

We’re really looking forward to the last few weeks of summer here in Ishinomaki. 🙂