For at least the third time this year, our team was invited to run a booth at a big matsuri (festival) in Onagawa. It is so important for Christians to be involved in the local community, especially at events such as the local matsuri to show support. We felt honored to not just be present at the festival, but to even have our own space. By having a booth, we were able to interact with the locals and enjoy times to chat with new friends on the benches that were set up.

In addition to helping our friend Miki by grilling “American” hot dogs, we continued our tradition of face and hand painting for the kids. It was our busiest matsuri yet, that’s for certain!

The theme of the festival was sanma fish, or pacific saury

Volunteers cooked thousands of sanma fish all day long – they were delicious!

Our hot dogs were quite a novelty, especially since they were so huge (by Japanese standards)

Teammate Andy doing some advertising

The mayor of Onagawa trying a hot dog

Our friend, Mr. T., grilling the dogs
Katherine with a happy patron – can you see the fish on his forehead?
Kids waiting their turn

Performing the shishimai dance, or Lion dance, very popular in Onagawa

I loved the flute-playing on the shinobue – so moving and beautiful!

Kids playing the taiko drums

In front of our booth

It was a great day!