This coming Tuesday, March 11th marks the three-year anniversary of the triple earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster. Our team has been preparing for this day for the past couple weeks. We’ve decided that in the morning, we will focus on visitations to folks in Onagawa and in the afternoon we will hold a memorial service in our newly-built team trailer house located in the heart of Onagawa. Other Christian workers in our city are focusing on 24-7 prayer, musical concerts, and other events to bring comfort and hope to the people in this area.

Last Friday we held our first team meeting in the trailer despite not having electricity, gas, or running water just yet.  This is where we’ll hold the afternoon event on 3/11.

Our artist friend Mizuki was kind enough to design a postcard which we will distribute to our friends in Onagawa along with a potted plant.

On Tuesday, as we focus on visitations, we will go to a number of friends who are still living in temporary housing units. In case you are not familiar with temporary housing units, here is a photo of what we see all the time. People who lost their homes are still living in these small, cramped units until they are able to move to another place:

A row of temporary housing units

A temporary housing unit built in front of a school

Each temporary housing unit village has their own 集会所, or community meeting room

Recently, while we were prayer walking, we saw three elderly folks hanging out in the community meeting room. We stopped to chat with them and drink some tea – it was so much fun!

Events are often held in these small community rooms – craft classes, karaoke, exercise classes, health seminars, etc.

View of post-tsunami Onagawa

Another view of Onagawa

Would you please pray for the workers in our area as we reach out to the victims of the tsunami in Ishinomaki and Onagawa? Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to the right people at the right time and we will bring comfort, hope, and love to many.