We give thanks to God for the safe arrival of our daughter, Sophie Miya, on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014. Saying that giving birth in Japan was an adventure would be the understatement of the century for me. It was a VERY wild and wooly, crazy, incredible experience!

Here are a few random highlights of having a baby in Japan:
1) Being able to stay in the hospital for four days and four nights in a private room (I was told today this is a “short” stay)
2) The amazing, caring staff at the hospital♥♥♥
3) Having delicious, healthy Japanese meals served to me while I recuperated
4) Daily classes to learn how to bathe a newborn, nurse, prepare bottles, etc.
5) Getting to chat with the other new moms (there were five other babies born on the same day as Sophie)
6) Having everyone fawn endlessly over your foreign baby’s “high nose” and “big eyes”
7) Getting to speak and hear tons of Japanese with the staff all day long – fun!

Here are a few photos taken during the past few days:

Proud papa a few minutes after the birth

Our new little family

We had tons of visitors while I was in the hospital – this is one of my favorite pics

A visit from my Peruvian-Japanese friend

One night I was surprised with a fancy celebration dinner…

It was very delicious!

Danielle with Sophie Miya

With one of the many amazing staff members that cared for us

We look forward to raising our daughter to love Jesus and to love the people of Japan. Thank you for your prayers and love. It’s been one of the best weeks of our lives!