It’s done. We left Ishinomaki. How do I feel? Tired and weary in body and soul but thankful for so many sweet times to say goodbye. For over a week, we spent day after day driving to people’s home and having “one last visit” with lots of dear folks while simultaneously trying to pack up our stuff. So much talking and sharing. So many hugs (in a land where people don’t really hug) and even some kisses. The moving part was really stressful during the last six hours; I nearly broke down from having no mental energy left to pack the last of our things. Wednesday morning we said our final goodbyes to our missionary friends (photo below) and drove from Ishinomaki to Iwaki in Fukushima-ken where we stayed for a night. We arrived in Tokyo on Thursday evening.

Saying goodbye at the Be One house

We are now in Tokyo at the Reach Global guest house in Higashikurume until Matthias has his final interview at the American Embassy on May 26th. Until then we’ll be resting during the madness of Golden Week and then traveling to Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka. I am thankful for some time to rest and refresh at the lovely and spacious guest house here. The weather in Tokyo is spectacular and we have plenty of space here for Sophie to play and crawl around which is a huge blessing.

I’m looking forward to our last couple of weeks in Japan and praying all goes well with our interview at the Embassy. Hopefully we’ll be moving to the US, green card in hand, sometime in early June!